You have always seen your self in Nollywood movies, but it turn out to be a dream that dream can be a reality here and now with this step that we will give you in this page. Many Nigerian are currently searching for how they can join the Nollywood industry . Many people have fall in the hand of Fraudsters and pretenders. While people do fall in the hand of fraudsters because they don’t know how to go about becoming an actor or actress here in Nigeria.

It’s no longer news that an average actor or actress in this part of the world makes a minimum of N5, 000,000 yearly. That’s for actors or actresses who are not even known in the industry. The real icons make much more. They charge as high as N2, 000,000 for per movie, depending on the budget of the producing company. Still, it is important that I warn you about the inherent danger associated with quests like this. While you go about looking for the phone numbers of actors and actresses to call to help you gain entry into Nollywood,

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