There are times The Devotion System  you feel that you are not being given the amount of affection and love you deserve. This makes you feel neglected and hurt. Even though this may be your situation at present it does not mean that you start feeling insecure and unhappy. Try to reason out why your man is behaving in this way and then take some steps to reverse the situation. Here are some excellent tips for you.Be tender and caring towards him It could be that you failed to shower him with love and affection in the first place. This is why he could be trying to teach you a lesson. Don't be stingy in your giving. Give him all the love and attention you can and see how special and cherished he will begin to feel! It will be impossible for him to neglect you in future.Make him feel guilty of neglecting you If you feel that in spite of all that you do for him, he still does not show you enough of love and affection, then it is time that you make him realize how mean and selfish he is behaving. Sometimes it is necessary to use subtle and indirect ways to make him see the folly of his ways. Be as sweet and loving as possible and try to make him feel guilty that he is not doing his part in loving and caring for you.

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