Google Drive is a service developed by Google and is used for synchronization and file storage. Google drive allows its uses to upload, download, synchronize the data among the devices and whole process is carried out on the servers of Google. Google drive has many features such as Google Slides, Google sheets etc. In order to backup any lost data from Google drive, Backup and Sync is downloaded.

Below listed are the steps to know how to backup and sync Google drive:

The user needs to download the Google Backup and Sync from the official website of Google.

Once it is downloaded, open it. Then in order to begin with the process, tap on ‘Get Started’.

Then, the user needs to Sign-in to the Google account with username and password.

After that, the user needs to choose the folders which are required to be backed up to the Google drive. The user can also select the quality of photos that will be saved in the Google drive.

Then, a screen will be prompted which will drop a folder on user’s computer. The users can then drag and drop the files for automatic uploading of the folders to the cloud, so that it can be accessed from anywhere.

After this, the computer will start backing up the files to Google drive. The backup speed will depend on the amount of data being backed up and the internet connection speed.

If the user ever fails to upload due to storage space issue, then it can be upgraded and then more storage can be purchased from Google.

If still some issue is there or the user has some query, then Google drive customer service can be contacted. The technical executives will help by providing the best solutions. The contact details of the same are mentioned on the official website of Google Drive.

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