Most times, many relationships have crumbled just because of the four letter words called PRIDE and another thirteen letter words called unforgiveness. The reason is not that one cannot forgive the other, but because of the four letter words involved in the life of one, he/she might feel like he is too big to and ask for forgiveness. Most times men never believe that they have wronged their spouse, they will always want her to be the one to ask for forgiveness, even though they were the one that wronged their spouse.

Ways To Apologize To Your Spouse

Drop A Letter

Dropping a letter to your spouse when he/she is off to work is really a romantic way to apologize to your spouse, though, they might still not value your letter much, but we all know that what is worth doing is worth doing well. In the write up of your letter, you have to make sure, that you really pour out your heart so as to win back your love again, even more than you have ever done before, it doesn't make you lose your respect, but it really gives you all your full respect back to the way you never imagined. Another fun and simple way to apologize to your spouse is to write a true list of all the benefits and reasons why you love him/her.

Never forget to conclude the list by asking for forgiveness and tell him/her why you did what you did. Throughout the list, share with him/her all of the reasons that your heart begins to beat fast when he walks in the room, and how much you love cuddling him/her on the couch. It really makes him smile and also have a forgiven spirit as well.


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