How tech has redefined undergraduate project research

There has never been a good time for undergraduate project research than this era of modern technology as it has influenced how students are taught, the learning process, study pattern, research procedures and ofcourse undergraduate project research in extension. Technology has redefines sensitive aspect of the education sector and no one knows what is next in stock.

Talking about undergraduate project research now, technology has redefined how it is done; certainly, as new technologies emerge, the society and everything that influences it tilt forward to flow with the new cycle. To this point, it has not just influenced teaching and learning processes, it also redefined how resource materials are retrieved, stored, recycled and beneficial financially. Maybe we should talk discuss it individually right?


Long gone are the days of sitting in the library for God-knows-how-long, flipping through pages of papers and probably end up with nothing meaningful. That doesn’t mean that search engines are taking over physical libraries totally, it’s just that it has diversified and as such modified how and where undergraduate students search out resource materials for their undergraduate project.

Storage and retrieval                                                         

There has never been a better and safer place to store students’ undergraduate project. What was obtainable was piling up projects and burning them after few years or months atleast. Google drive is available for saving digital projects, email too, cloud, flash drive and other advanced saving devices. The sweet part is that it is durable and portable no matter how many.


Because research projects is now durable, it can be recycled; how? Well, if I may ask, what exactly do you do when you search for undergraduate projects and research materials online? If these resource materials are not recycled, you wouldn’t have them there; maybe you would be cuing up in your lecturer’s office by now, begging to have your project fixed.

Without mincing words, technology has been the change that education has become and I suppose that more is yet to come.

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