What is a bill

A bill is a proposed law being discussed or debated in parliament so that it may be passed into law. Thus, the draft of a proposed law from the time it is introduced in parliament and goes through its various stages is called a bill. A bill can also be defined as a proposed law, which is yet to be enacted.

Below are the stages of law making in Nigeria:

First stage: Introduction of the bill

Second stage: First reading of the bill

Third stage: Second reading of the bill

Fourth stage: Reference of the bill to a committee

Fifth stage: The report stage

Sixth stage: Third reading of the bill

Seventh stage: Signing of a copy of the bill

Eight stage: Assent by the president or governor

That is a short list of all the stages in the process of law making in Nigeria. To get a clearer and in depth explanation of the stages highlighted above, i enjoin you to continue reading this article till the end.


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