How Effective Are Herbs For High Blood Pressure?

It is alarming to consider that today, nearly Maitrisez Votre Arthrite la revue one in four people has high blood pressure in the UK. You may think that it's just the over-50s who are affected, but children can suffer from this silent killer too! Yes, kids.

These days, even children as young as 6 or 7 can suffer from high blood pressure! Why? Because obesity in children is sky rocketing and is causing a lot anxiety in political as well as medical circles.

In spite of the popular conception that we all belong to gyms we are, in fact, getting less exercise than ever before. We smoke and drink to excess and eat a diet high in fat and sugar. No wonder the rates of high blood pressure are soaring!

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Many thanks for the info, I always knew different herbs have different health impact. I never was into traditional medicine very much, but had to smoke medical marijuana to cope with some neurological issues (by the way, later I switched to 510 cannabis oil cartridges and Komodo C5 as the effect is more intense).


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