Hello Everyone! I want to make this review since I get many questions about Michael and Mike’s AutoTrader, if he is real and legit or, he is the regular scammer with fake identity! Michael Freeman is a real person! Michael Freeman is well-known and notable factor in binary options industry. Mike runs a website with a handful of broker reviews, strategies and a bunch of YouTube videos. He decided after getting involved in this market to put together his own system, Mike’s auto trader. This is a 100% automated binary options software.

Mikes Auto Trader offers traders a chance to take advantage of the signals derived from his top traders. I’m pretty excited about this software because Michael Freeman is a true ambassador of the industry who has inspired hundreds of traders by promoting various strategies as well as keeping his followers up to date with the latest developments within the industry. In this Mikes Auto Trader review you will find every details about this software.

Mike’s Auto Trader will provide you with many qualified signals per day that based on unique algorithm that Mike and his group of programmers have developed. However, this service is not a fully automated service but a semi-automated one that will generate a qualified signals for you but will not trade on your behalf. That way, you have the power to enjoy the benefit of both worlds, first, a signals service that provides you with a lot of signals on a daily basis and additionally, you have the power to choose whether to execute a trade or not.

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