Nathan Shepard has a background in both theology and archaeology. For 17 years, he has been preoccupied in studying ancient scriptures and the relationship between biblical prophecies and the world of today. He tried to interpret and bring to light the second coming of Jesus. He believed that he can predict a specific day and time for the second coming of Jesus. After his extensive studies, he concluded that the world will end in January 2017.

Survive The End Days is a products of his studies. It is an eBook (a guide) that shows people how to survive the end times and lead a normal lifestyle amidst all the calamities depicted in the bible. To show how close the latter days are, the guide contains biblical discussions that are compared to the life we are leading today. In the guide, Nathan discusses the issue of Syria, the fact that America misses in the Bible, the leadership of Obama and the events unfolding in the Middle East that a lay person would not take note of.

Survive The End Days is a collection of facts, so connected that they ring bells to the most stubborn non-believer. It is not a fiction or ogre story that will amuse or horrify you. Amidst the eschatology story and the connections to the world today, Nathan brings out biblical teachings that will help you survive the end times, that is, during and after the war. In Survive The End Days, Nathan shares how one can practice trusting the Lord and laying their lives for the Lord as they wait upon Him. The larger part of the eBook shows how one can survive during the war; how to survive with little or no food, how to preserve food without refrigerators, how to maintain electrical appliances at home and keep them functioning and how to survive toxic gas attacks. In the guide, he uses simple military science to explain all the survival strategies he shares.

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