Set A Good Example.
Sometimes, the way in which we talk to our nearest and dearest is shameful, ‘move out of the way!’, ‘eat that dinner up right now!’, ‘if you’re not ready for school in 2 minutes, I’ll kill you!’
We wouldn’t talk to a stranger, who we couldn’t give a damn about, in the same way we sometimes talk to our loved ones, because we wouldn’t get away with it. It makes no sense, we should be teaching our children good manners and how to be kind, caring and thoughtful towards others. How confusing must this be for children and how can they possibly learn these things when they are spoken to in this way?
We can try to blame this behaviour on the usual things - we’re going to be late, I’ve had a bad day etc. but think about how you would feel if someone close to you told you to hurry up and eat your dinner / tidy up that mess / be ready for school in 2 minutes or else. You’d rebel, roll your eyes, be rude and arrogant back to them, tell them to clear off. No one responds well when they are spoken to in this way. We should be really mindful about what we say to our children and how we say it.
Patience, patience, patience!! The next time you feel yourself about to snap, take a moment to ask yourself how what you’re about to say will make your child feel, and if itwill result in the behaviour you’re hoping for. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what might be the most effective way to get the result you’re after. Remember, you’re the adult, so behave like one, set a good example

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