How do rectify it when Canon Printer prints blank lines?

When you encounter that your Canon Printer is printing blank lines, then you must found out the righteous cause for it. You can troubleshoot such issue by following the given points in the correct manner:

  • You need to run the print head cleaning tool that has been installed on your system previously. You will be given the software-based utility by which you can check, clean and realign the small Inkjets your printer uses to produce the completed output. When you receive blank lines on the printed pages then it can be possible that some of these Inkjets are blocked with paper dust, dried ink or other debris. Clear them all, in order to correct them in the short period of time.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions for the utility and use it to test, clean and align the print head. Make sure that you have various sets of pages available; it works by producing a series of vertical and horizontal lines and prompting the user to look at the quality of the output. It will help in cleaning the head magnificently.


  • Go and have a self print for making sure that your printer is printing correctly. Do check the printed pages for blank lines, and when you still get the poor print quality or blank lines in the output, go for cleaning the printer. If the situation is still there, you are suggested to replace the cartridges.

For further query, consult technicians at Canon Printer Phone Number UK @ 0808-101-3524 (Toll-Free)

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