How Can You Create Mental Health Awareness Among People?

As many as 13 percent of children aged 8-15 years experience NooCube a severe mental illness at some point in time in their lives. If left untreated, the symptoms can carry into adulthood marring their chances of living a healthy, happy and productive life. The earlier they get treatment, the better are their chances of recovery.

Since childhood, Ben was different from other kids. He would take up challenges that others did not dare. He was hyperactive and prone to sudden mood swings. In his teens, he landed up in a correctional center for a car heist. The prison life changed him completely. He was a different man when he came out. Subdued and depressed most of the time, Ben displayed a streak of violence every now and then. Gone was the ebullient youngster who was fond of playing ping-pong with his dad.

To make matters worse, prison had turned Ben into an addict, with heroin being his favorite dope. Ben is an example of how a term at the correctional center is enough to exacerbate any mental health condition. While he could have been displaying the minor symptoms of psychotic behavior prior to incarceration, prison caused the condition to aggravate into a full-fledged mental disorder.

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I think any parent should take care of their child's mental health from childhood and carefully monitor any abnormalities in behavior. In case of hyperactivity, you should immediately consult a doctor and read a useful article. This will increase your chances of beating mental illness.


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