How can you connect Dell Printer to Laptop with Wi-Fi?

Wireless printing has made its presence felt as it is easier to print wirelessly. We tell you about how to connect Dell printer to laptop with Wi-Fi can use the following steps as given under:-
• If you are likely to print then you can install a network printer or you can share a printer which is connected to your home network.
• You need to choose your wireless SSID and type the password when it is secured.
• Once you are done with installing your network then you can easily proceed to connect your printer to laptop.
• Next open the option Control Panel.
• Now choose Devices and Printers or you can choose View Devices and Printers.
• Next click on Add a Printer.
• Now choose Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer.
• Next you can go ahead to choose your network printer from the available printers.
• Now go on to follow the prompts for installing your drivers.
• Now connect to your network printer.
Although the above said instructions are immensely helpful for new Dell printer users, yet the ones who can’t figure out the application procedure of these steps can really contact Dell printer support number to fix their issues. You can contact us at any time 24x7 and get best solution of your all glitches.

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