How Can Africans Be Taught Appropriate Dating Practices?

Dating, a preliminary relationship that precedes courtship and marriage seem so terribly misunderstood in the African society.  There is an urgent need for our people to know that there is a difference between dating and seeking for sex partners.  People who are already engaged in sexual
relationship while unmarried will tell you that they are dating.  It is difficult to know who is deceiving who
- the man or the woman? Or are both ignorant of what is happening.  Dating is far too flimsy a relationship to be
having sex while it lasts.  Again both men
and women but mostly the women, when in a dating relationship would not hear
that their dates are meeting other people. 
During dating, both parties are free to meet and go out with any number
of people they have time and fancy to go out with in a day or week.  It is just a time to get to know each other
and learn relationship and communication skills and make friends of the
opposite sex. Instead of finding fault with premarital sex during dating and
courtship, they even accuse each other of double-dating - whatever that
means.  A date, a girl/boy friend and
courtship partners are not sex partners. 
Dating and courtship are so primary a relationship that it is sheer
ignorance for those involved to have sexual intercourse.  The only occasion sexual relationship is
appropriate is in a legal and lawful marriage.

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