Horrifying – Buckets Filled With Used Pants And Pads Found In This Nigeria

With the desperation of owning a Benz, lot of ritual practice with the used of condemned undies has being executed.

After series of death cases around the University campus, another shocking news has evolved.

In the University of Port Harcourt (Uniport), the female hostel precisely, a bucket with condemned and used undies was found.

It is acclaimed that an anonymous female students whose identity remains unknown has being carrying out this terrible mischievous conduct.

It is assumed that this anonymous evil person goes to the bin to pick up condemn and already used pants and underwears.

A 20L paint bucket with dirty and messed female pads and pants was hidden in a secret place in the hostel.

During the weekend cleanup, the bucket with soiled female sanitaries was discovered.

With pannick, it was prayed upon and burnt.

Reference :- http://www.xycinews.com/pants-found-in-university-female-hostel/

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