Help! Apapa gridlock is becoming an eyesore (Photos)

Arogbonlo Israel

It's been four months since the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo visited Apapa port with many Lagosians still anticipating to see the end to the gridlock that's become a major setback to the nation's economy.

According to some quarters, the coming of His Excellency to the area has since brought a bit relief to the residents and motorists who ply through the road on daily basis, not until recently where there seems to be a 'change of hand' as the situation is now becoming unbearable for road users especially workers who more often than not get to their places of work late.

I could vividly recall my encounter on the road recently where I had to trek many miles as a result of the bike I boarded that was held up in the gridlock. It was really an eyesore!

Many people stood still in the gridlock for hours as there was no way for free flow of both pedestrians and road users because of the heavy duty vehicles that were parked on both sides of the road.

Going by this backdrop, it's expedient to remind the authorities concerned to fasten their seat belts as delay might rather be dangerous, considering the haphazard effects of this issue at stake on the masses who now rely on the power of the pen to get their voice heard.

Inasmuch as we urge the government to do the needful, we should also ensure that we play our part as patriotic citizens of Nigeria by following the directives of the security operatives so as to have a free flow of vehicles in the affected areas.

See videos below:

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