Helen Paul is a comedian, singer and actress from Nigeria. She is one of the most recognised Nigerian stand-up comedian, known as Tatafo, characterized by a voice range that made her sound like a child. She also acknowledge as a philanthropist who has helped a lot of people set up small scale businesses. Her style is quirky and spontaneous, and her petite stature.

Helen Paul was born on January 29, 1978. The beautiful lady spent most of her early years with her mother and grandmother, both in Lagos. Helen is an indigene of Edo State but born and bred in Lagos.As a kid, she used to entertain small groups of peers, neighbours and friends within the neighbourhood.

According to her in some interview she granted , she shed more light on her childhood days, she recount how her growing up was not easy, as it was filled with "ups and downs" -she was raised by two disciplinarians. She was brought up in a less fortunate home owing to the fact that her parents weren't wealthy.


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