#GudaMarket; a new market platform in the world of eCommerce, giving its users the opportunity to own their shops (digital shops) for free and to sell or buy digital products.

Product categories range from Music, Architecture, Ideas, Articles, Scripts, Themes, Software, eBooks and Graphics.

Registration is free, upload up to 80mb of products (in compressed format i.e .zip or .rar)

Control and manage your shop and products from your admin panel

Social sharing buttons available, with quick 'mail to' functionality

View orders made to your shop, and see how users react to your products

All transactions are recorded and every bit of detail made visible on your Transactions Manager

Withdraw your cash anytime and at any moment to your main Bank Account grin cool

Create your Shop under the correct category (depending on your products, so as to be ranked high in search results)

Create and mange your shop categories with no pain wink

Give your product up to five other display images; to describe your product

Extensive product description functionality is available

Download Premium content from GudaMarket, enjoy the new feel of an online market with lots of fascinating products for your device(s) and for production.

Register/Sign up for free! and enjoy all GudaMarket has to offer - maintain a constant income on a weekly basis, make your bank work more for you, let your curves and graphs grow high daily. Register Now...

GudaMarket Team.

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nice sha...

Am happy you like it, why not give it a try..

Download UC Browser for Android, free mobile browser, comes with efficient download manager, Fast browsing, dynamic wrapping, pinch-zoom consumes low data... for more details follow the link below


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