2:2 it ended. No Nigeria flag will be flown in Equitoria Guinea/Garbon come January 2012. Some people had won the match for the eagles even before the kick off time. 3 vs 0 they predicted in favour of the eagles. But this is football and not elections. In the game, you can easily be punished by as small as a second to the end of the match.
What i saw today was what i had envisaged. A collection of 11 Nigerians on sports outfit carrying the hope of 170million others seated at home. What a poor show of commitment. As disappointing as our politicians they were, and will always be. Bring on Pep Guardiola to coach the super eagles and he'll fail like all other coaches. No body believes in them, not even themselves. How sluggish they were on the peach, jogging up and down as if it was an exhibition match to raise funds for charity programmes. They didn't have any thing to loose, not even pride. For there's no pride fighting for a country like ours. They have a future with their various clubs and only see playing for Nigeria as a formality. These super eagles players know Nigeria is not worth dying for. She's not even worth a drop of their sweat..... Long live vanguard community service.

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You are absolute correct! No commitment whatsoever.


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