A destination- It is the place to which someone or something is going. Symbol- a thing that representing something else, a mark or character used as a standard representation of something, snail is the most doll and slow movable animal on earth, is very weak and doll in his action, so what on earth would make a state to bring a snail as a destination logo.
The doll administration of senator Imoke of cross River state have brought a lot of shame to these state, by commsioning of a turning for about two times. And the worst of it, which is the outcome of these article, is bring snail to be the destination logo of our dear state.
The doll spirit that is behind snail, and the likeness of it, which led the state, could not allowed the great state to move to his expectation.
Nigerian's should help us appeal to this man (Imoke), to know the force that is behind a state destination symbol. Even if he himself want to collect an award of the must doll Governor of the season, please let him go out of the government house and do that.

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I believe he held wild consultation among his cabinet before the destination logo was chosen.  They may have their reason for that.  It is left for the citizens to find out the reason and weigh it against other options.  If snail is not acceptable as a destination logo for the state, let the citizens speak out for it to be changed.


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