What is goat farming?
Goat farming is the rearing of different breeds of goats or a single goat breed for commercial purpose,in a confined environment or an expanse of land.

It involves rearing of goats for various purposes like, meat, diary production, fiber and others. Agriculture is not only focused on the production and sale of farm crops, animals are also reared, and this sector of agriculture is known as animal husbandry.

Now this article is prepared to give you an insight on how to start and run a successful goat farming business in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. just as fish farming, poultry farming and other agribusiness turn in high revenues when executed rightly, goat farming doesn't just generate a substantial income for investors, it is also a great business opportunity especially for people living in the northern part of Nigeria and India.

Modern goat meat production is one that is wildly accepted by all ages, culture, religion, and race.

It is available in almost all restaurants and entries, and also served in most parties and functions in different parts of the world,hence the lucrative nature of the business.
Opportunities you can get from goat farming business plan in Nigeria:

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