Glo Salary Structure: How Much Does Globacom Pay Their Staff Monthly

This article talks about Glo Salary Structure. It will give you a complete knowledge of how much Globacom Nigeria pay their staff monthly and yearly. If you aspire to work for GLOBACOM Nigeria some day then here is a post that will take you through the comprehensive GLO salary structure and scale with an intention to educate you on how much Globacom Nigeria pay their staffs.

How Much Does GLO Pay Its Entry Level Staffs?

The Entry Level Staff are the newly employed staffs ,they are paid from N820 000 to N 1,100,000 per annum. Also have in the back of your mind that they are entitled to some allowances from the company.

How Much Do GLO Pay Its Specialist Staffs?

An employee on specialist staffs level is being paid bout N4,400,000 in a year and N370,000 per month. But there is no fixed salary don’t forget that.

How Much Does GLO Pay Its Managers?

Without doubt, GLO managers are the bigger boys in the company because they earn a huge sum of money monthly. As a state manager working for Glo, you will earn nothing less than N8,250,000 per annum and N687,500 in a a month. Can you beat that? i guess you have understand why i call them the bigger boys in the company.

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