Ghana Police Service Recruitment Form Is Out | Application Guide and Requirement

The Ghana police force is really trying, in the years past, they’ve been able to uphold peace and order domestically and trust me this would be a perfect opportunity for you to apply if you are passionate about being a Ghanaian police.

The Ghanaian Police force usually begins its recruitment after series of test and examination which interested participant will have to participate in. The recruitment will be carried out in 2 main ways after publication on both electronic and mass media.

The application forms are to be purchased through;

  1. Sales of forms at designated points
  2. Direct application from interested applicants.


Recruitment Criteria

  1. General eligibility
  2. Professional eligibility
  3. Invitation for body screening
  4. Aptitude test
  5. Medical Fitness
  6. Publication of medical result

Physical Requirement

  1. Applicant must be a Ghanaian
  2. Applicant must not be less than eighteen years old and not older than twenty five years.
  3. Applicant must be 173centimeter (5 feet 8 inches) tall for males and 165 (5 feet 4 inches) for females.
  4. Must be physically fit by police standard.
  5. Must be free of criminal case
  6. Educational qualification as to be prescribed by the Appointment and Advisory Board of the Ghana Police Service.
  7. Must be of good character and conducts.

Applications can be carried out online and all letters issued to applicants must be the original copies to avoid issues during registration and names and signatures of applicants should be written in blue pen.


Click The Link Below To See How To Apply For The Ghanaian Police Recruitment


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Saw same on and my Question was, if it was only for Ghanaian, why are we making it viral?

Besides, African nations should learn to co-exist by employing other African nations especially in terms of Security no matter how minimal it it.

This will boost cross-intelligence. Common Sense i believe.

hi.. it is very good and helpful article.
thanks for sharing, Thanks a lot


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