Are you a researcher in the following category?
1. Medical researches
2. Technological researches
3. Scientific researches

Do you need financial support to continue researches?
Do you need financial support to start up a research work?

You can get funds for your research and project work from Study supports.

How Is This Possible
Study support group is a Ngo born out of compassion for alarming number of professionals who continually fail to realize their dreams, research work and or any other form of scientific project due to financial constraints.

Our mission is to encourage useful studies and we strategically do this by identifying and supporting individuals or groups who genuinely need funds to continue and complete their relevant projects. We are looking forward to bridge the gaps between goodwill donors and the people who actually are in need we continually liaise with international bodies and philanthropists in other to provide financial access to help studies randomly.

Study support is well funded, we canvas for donations from around the world and we receive funding from international philanthropist, governmental organizations and goodwill donors to help workers and professional get their desired training and certification.

How Does It Work

Follow the link to learn more

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