Get 95% Off Your Professional Training And Certification Fees

Are you a worker or professional in the following fields or intending?
i. Oil and gas
ii. Health, safety and environment
iii. Engineering and
iv. Management
Do you need financial support to obtain further trainings and relevant certifications?

You can get 95% off your training and certification fees from Study supports.

How Is This Possible
Study support group is a Ngo born out of compassion for alarming number of professionals who continually fail to realize their dreams, career training and or any other form of higher learning's due to financial constraints.

Our mission is to encourage useful studies and we strategically do this by identifying and supporting individuals or groups who genuinely need funds to continue and complete their important studies. We are looking forward to bridge the gaps between goodwill donors and the people who actually are in need we continually liaise with international bodies and philanthropists in other to provide financial access to help studies randomly.

Study support is well funded, we canvas for donations from around the world and we receive funding from international philanthropist, governmental organizations and goodwill donors to help workers and professional get their desired training and certification.

How Does It Work
Workers and professional who need financial support to finance their education:

1. Registers with Study support.
2. Study support will check their eligibility status.
3. Study support pays 95% training and certification fees of eligible candidates.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is this a scholarship program?
Answer: No, there is a onetime tuition fee payment for eligible candidates however candidates who receive supports will be eligible to apply again.

2. Will I pay to receive this support?
Answer: There is only a onetime fee of N5,000 which registers you into the system after which no other payment will be required of the candidates.

3. Is it certain that I will receive support for what I requested for?
Answer: No, not all candidates receive support for their request, all application is thoroughly examined and the best will receive supports in that area.

4. What if I don't qualify to receive the support I asked for, does it mean my N5,000 has gone?
Answer: No, it's a win win situation for all candidates, if for instance a candidate have requested for tuition fee support (TFS) and did not meet requirements, he or she will be offered support to either take up one of the professional courses that will be very valuable to the student.

5. Can I make multiple requests?
Answer: Yes, candidates who applied for tuition fee support (TFS) can also in turn apply for professional course support (PCS) candidates are allowed to apply for not more than two (2) supports simultaneously.

6. How soon can we receive funding?
Answer: For students, every academic year, for professional three (3) weeks after application is successful while for researchers they will be contacted with the procedures.

How To Participate
Log into our website on, click on register and input your Serial No. and Pincode. If you have not gotten them follow step 2 down.

Go to , click on register and then click on How To Obtain a Pincode, make a onetime payment of N5,000 into any of the bank accounts listed.

Once your registration payment is successful, you will receive an email containing your login details which includes: Pincode and Serial Number.

Login into your personal dashboard with the Pincode and Serial Number sent to your E-mail.

For More Info Reach Study support on:

Suite 17 Sentels Plaza, East- West Road, Rumuodara, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

+234 9020929291


Website URL:

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