Gana: Nigerian Army requests N50m bounty from Gov Ortom

Barely a week confirming that it has killed Terwase Agwaza (Gana), Benue's most wanted militia gang leader, the Nigerian Army (NA) is now demanding the payment of N50 million from the state government as the bounty placed on the slain criminal.

According to the report obtained by The Nation, the NA's position was revealed by a military source who spoke with journalists, said that the Army is waiting to see if Governor Samuel Ortom will keep to his promise before Gana was killed.

The unnamed source went on to note that Governor Ortom's response to this request will prove whether the military has the backing of the government in the fight against banditry and terrorism in the state.

“Despite the ransom (bounty), Gana still remained elusive, forcing the state government to raise it to N50 million bounty for his arrest. Yet, he was elusive, not until he was gunned down by the Special Forces on 8 September 2020," the source disclosed.

“In the midst of this situation, the Nigerian Army deserves to be paid the N50 million ransom, having killed Gana. The assignment has been completed, the Army should be paid.

“It is not the cash that is important, but the need for political authority to set good precedent by giving backing to the military," the source concluded.

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