The triumph of the award winning movie: “slum dog billionaire” at the Oscar Awards, where the film won seven awards, is a classical example of how to turn every disadvantage to an advantage.

The film was shot in Mumbai India, which is noted for its high rate of poverty and slums.

Despite the environment where the film was shot, the lesson of the rise of fame of the principal actor from the dungeon of the Mumbai slum was not lost on the audience.

The highly acclaim movie (slum dog billionaire), has thrown a serious question mark on the genuineness of our movie producers here in Nigeria.

We have all the raw materials to produce an Oscar award winning Movie scattered all over the country.

There are lots of slums scattered all over the 36 states of the federation including the Federal Capital territory Abuja.

There is Darkness in majority of our cities thanks to PHCN.

Corruption is at its highest peak in virtually every segment of the society.

High unemployment rate and unresolved killings of innocent citizens.

The lists of potential materials that can be converted to Oscar award movies are there for the picking, at very moderate amount.

The only snag is: our film producers are just too money conscious to produce any meaningful movie that can get close to an Oscar.

I sometimes wonder at the speed with which movies are produced on a daily basis in Nigeria. If a Nollywood movie does not contain part one, two and three, then the story cannot have a good ending.

Every Tom, D*** and Harry has suddenly turned into movie producers overnight.

It is only in Nigeria Home Video, you will see a fully grown man acting the part of an 11 years old child, all for the sake of money.

If we are to move forward and achieve the level of success Bollywood has achieve, then we must rise above every form of mediocrity and start doing things professionally.

The lessons of the Movie: Slum Dog Billionaire is numerous.

►Success in life is not based on the environment one comes from.

►Behind every filth lies an abundant of Wealth.

►Wealth only comes to those that believe in their dream

►Be proud of who you are and where you come from

►God is still in the business of performing miracles even in the 21st century.

The excitement of watching that simple but wonderful movie carting away seven Oscars should push our Movie producers to put in more effort in their production.

Above all, it is an encouragement to those struggling to survive in life, to hold on to their dreams, and stop thinking of running to foreign countries for greener pastures.

One may not become famous to the extent of winning an Oscar, but with determination and the right mental attitude, one can overcome poverty and slum to live a meaningful life.


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