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Free Project Topics | Download Research Materials

Budgeting As An Instrument Of Internal Control In A Manufacturing O...

BUDGETING AS AN INSTRUMENT OF INTERNAL CONTROL IN A MANUFACTURING ORGANIZATION(A CASE STUDY OF AMA BREWERIES ENUGU) ABSTRACTAn efficient budgeting control system is one that produces the desired result. A balanced budget is the one that produces no variances but to achieve this, we are left to contemplation rather than a reality. This has become... Continue Reading »

Bibliographic Compilaton On Corruption In Nigeria

BIBLIOGRAPHIC COMPILATON ON CORRUPTION IN NIGERIA INTRODUCTION   The SLSH identified the following breakdown Bribery and corruption Drug Abuse Drug Trafficking Kidnapping Police corruption Political corruption Political crisis DEFINITION OF THE TERMS 1        CORRUPTION... Continue Reading »

Public Administration And Community Development In Anambra State: (...

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT IN ANAMBRA STATE: (AN APPRAISAL OF SELECTED COMMUNITIES IN AGUATA LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF ANAMBRA STATE)   ABSTRACT This project work was geared towards examing and ascertaining the public administration and community development in Anambra State, with particular reference to... Continue Reading »

Problems And Prospects Of Extending Insurance Services To The Rural...

PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF EXTENDING INSURANCE SERVICES TO THE RURAL AREAS PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF EXTENDING INSURANCE SERVICES TO THE RURAL AREASABSTRACT The interest to write in this particular topic “Problems and Prospect of Extending Insurance Services to the rural areas” grow out of the present significant roles of... Continue Reading »

Effect Of Military Ditatorship On The Nigeria Mass Media

ABSTRACT             Media industry contributed positively towards the up-liftment of socialization in Nigeria.           This project work is bold step into media industry structure and then contribution to the nation at large. Several aspect of... Continue Reading »

Design And Implementation Of Online Banking System

DESIGN_AND_IMPLEMENTATION_OF_ONLINE_BANKING_SYSTEM CHAPTER ONE1.1 INTRODUCTIONDesign and implementation of online banking system, a case study of May fresh savings and Loans Bank Caritas University Branch.The greatest innovation that has taken place in the twentieth century is in the realm of information Technology. This is currently made... Continue Reading »

Comparative Assessment Of Lubricant Produce From Palm Kernel Oil An...

COMPARATIVE ASSESSMENT OF LUBRICANT PRODUCE FROM PALM KERNEL OIL AND TONIMAS LUBRICATING OIL   Abstract This study produced bio-lubricant with palm kernel oil and compared its quality with Tonimas Oil ( A commercial lubricating oil in the market). Palm kernel oil based lubricant was produced by dissolving 12.5ml of Zinc Dialkyl... Continue Reading »

The Reforming Nigerian Secondary Education By Teaching

THE REFORMING NIGERIAN SECONDARY EDUCATION BY TEACHING Abstract This study examined the reforming Nigerian Secondary education by teaching of thinking. This exercise begins with chapter one which dealt on the overall introduction or backgrounds of the study, statement of the problem which led to the research study, the objective of the... Continue Reading »

Community Banking System In Nigreria And The Promotion Of Rural Dev...

COMMUNITY BANKING SYSTEM IN NIGRERIA AND THE PROMOTION OF RURAL DEVELOPMENT ABSTRACT This topic this is being treated (Community banking system and their promotional development) is very important to our present economic condition if people will blend with the result and findings of this project. Community banking is a self-sustaining... Continue Reading »

An Evaluation Of Staff And Manpower Training And Development In Nig...

AN EVALUATION OF STAFF AND MANPOWER TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIAN ORGANIZATIONS Abstract This research work was designed to study training and development of employees in service organization. This study titled “An Evaluation of the effect of manpower training and development in service organization A case study of Nigeria Port... Continue Reading »

Attitude Of Consumers Towards Made In Nigerian Goods (a Case Study ...

ATTITUDE OF CONSUMERS TOWARDS MADE IN NIGERIAN GOODS (A CASE STUDY OF WOMEN WORLD BOUTIQUE, ENUGU) ABSTRACT   This project work was designed to study the attitude of consumer towards made in Nigerian goods with spewal reference to women world boutique in Enugu metropolis.  A survey was conducted in five (s) zones to obtain... Continue Reading »

The Impact Of New Communication Technology In Nigeria Broadcast Med...

THE IMPACT OF NEW COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY IN NIGERIA BROADCAST MEDIA (A CASE STUDY OF NTA ENUGU) ABSTRACT This research was an attempt to find out the impact of new communication technologies in Nigeria Broadcast media, using Nigeria Television Authority of Enugu state as a case study. To do this we distributed questionnaire to a... Continue Reading »

Preparation Of Different Types Of Culture Media

PREPARATION OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF CULTURE MEDIA ABSTRACT     This project is intended to teach and give a general background in culture preparation. It is aimed at giving microbiologist and students specializing in microbiology and related courses the bases on their field of work and study. The preparation of different types... Continue Reading »

Causes, Effect, And Contol Of Ozone Layer Depletion

CAUSES, EFFECT, AND CONTOL OF OZONE LAYER DEPLETION   ABSTRACT   There are many situations where human activities have significant effects on the environment. Ozone layer damage is one of them. The objective of this paper is to review the causes, control, mechanisms and effects of ozone layer depletion as well as the... Continue Reading »

Susceptibilities Of Salmonella Typhi And Other Bacterial Pathogens ...

ABSTRACTThe susceptibilities of Salmonella typhi and other pathogens to antibiotics and hot aqueous extract of Hibiscus sabdariffa were investigated using agar diffusion and agar well diffusion methods respectively. Salmonella typhi was sensitive to ampicillin, cetriaxone, ciprofloxacin, gentamycin of ofloxacin and perfloxacin. Nitrofurantoin,... Continue Reading »

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