DealsnSwaps is a free image classified ads listing community site where you can list your imade ads for free and for the world to see what you have to offer.
DealsnSwaps is quite different from other classified listing sites as it allows you to list unlimited amount of ads and also provides you with a dashboard where you can manage your ads. you could edit, relist, tag as sold e.t.c
DealsnSwaps also allows you to engage in a long lasting business discusion with sufers or shoppers willing to patronize you through an email linked contact form while your privacy is still assured.
DealsnSwaps also allows would be or faithful customers to comment on your ads thereby increasing the publicity or your ads. although comments are moderated in other to protect the intrest of the advertiser and DealsnSwaps team. also allows you to cerate a profile for your oganization or business thereby creating a virtual market for your self where shoppers can identify you with your ads.
DealsnSwaps also allows you to blog about your ads, products or services thereby proving your expertise as regards your ads and also informing prospective customer more about what you offer.
You could also share your ads amongst friends through popular social network site such as twitter, facebook etc. is structured to ensure that your ads reachs your taget and also make positive impressions.
place your classified ads on, its freeeeeee

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