Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson recently joined the plethora of celebrity couples when they announced their engagement after only a few weeks of dating . This speedy engagement has led fans to believe that their relationship may be moving too fast .
While people make getting married so irresistible, you need to understand that getting married is more than a wedding and you should not rush it!
Here are four reasons why you should not rush into getting engaged :

They threaten to leave
If your lover keeps persuading you to get engaged when you are not ready , they probably do not care for you enough to wait until you are ready. So if they threaten to leave, consider yourself spared .

All your friends are getting married
Peer pressure is one of the hardest things to live with or resist . But your friends getting married is not a valuable reason to rush into an engagement . Everyone is different. Being commensurate with your relationship is one of the worst things to do. More often than not , people who get engaged based on comparison and self -fulfilment make the wrong choice , leading to a broken marriage.

God -sanctioned sex
If you are somewhat religious and your religion or culture frowns on sex before marriage, do not rush into marriage because of sex . This is definitely something you will regret. True love waits ; you should too .

Cutting costs
Being engaged means getting married and getting married means living together . Living together means sharing expenses , which means cutting costs . As thrifty as it seems, cutting costs this way is the most terrible reason to be engaged or to get married . If you need to cut costs on accommodation , get a roommate until you are ready for marriage.

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