Five things you should avoid while studying for exams

While there are things you must do while studying for exams, there are things you should also avoid while studying for exams. You must understand that you must keep to a certain level if personal discipline to hit a high target during the exams; this includes moving away from things that are distracting, avoiding them if possible or resisting them if need be. In case some of these vices we are going to discuss are already on your way, you may have to find your way around it if you must do well in your exams.

Students’ test of knowledge are evident in several ways; some are tested through terminal examinations, some are tested through their final year projects in which case theories, principles, formulas, ideas etc. are brought to bear with expectation that students showcase their level of understanding and the practical  application of these topical issues. Otherwise, students’ knowledge are tested via project based test, impromptu written test, seminar papers, term papers, research reports, undergraduate project and the likes.

Meanwhile, here are five things you should avoid while studying for exams


Avoid your bed                                                                                  

Your bed seems like the best place you could read but sincerely it doesn’t wish you well. You could easily dose off while you study on bed and forget about your exams because it’s just too comfortable for your brain and you.

While studying for exams, you need to set you entire body and mind at alert. Lying down tells your body system to relax automatically and that’s what’s going to happen especially if the environment is really cool and quiet.

Avoid eating late at night

Eating late at night may not really have serious effect on your studies but you stand the chance of adding bad weight which is a plus to unhealthy life. Students are prompted to snack through the night because they will have to sacrifice their sleep moments for a few pages. While they do this in good fate, it turns out bad most times because they are ignorantly increasing the potential of their hunger hormones (ghrelin); giving calories a chance to replace the muscles mass of their body system.

Avoid your phone

Phone is one of the challenging two edged sword among millennials. For some it’s is business, to some it’s an opportunity, to some, it’s a tool and to some, it’s a distraction.  Whatever need your phone is serving, if it’s not useful when you are reading, it’s simply a distraction and nothing more.

Avoid so many chats if you can discipline your mind, else, turn it off and read. After exams, you have all the time to be with your phone if it makes you so delighted.

Avoid cramming       

Do not cram so you don’t forget by chance. It’s so funny when students sound like “please oo, don’t make me talk too much so I don’t forget what I read.” Cramming is often accompanied with fear and anxiety- fear to forget and be empty. However, I would advise you study to understand than to cram and forget.

Beside those who cram for exams often perform poorly because their knowledge is always limited to what they have crammed and nothing more. Any attempt to stretch their memory over related topics becomes a big challenge.

Avoid reading more than your head can absorb.

While studying for exams, avoid reading more than you can assimilate. If it means reading two pages in two hours, take your time and do so. Never try to emulate someone with a higher IQ. Study and absorb as much as your pace can carry you.

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