In fact, adventure is all about change . It’s about growth , and growth is the core of life . Read on as we bust the top five myths about adventure travel in Nigeria .
Myth 1
Adventure is stupid and a waste of time” Did you really travel that far to see just a mountain ? Ordinary mountain ? Do you have a day job ?” Everything in life is all about making plans and time for what you love . Adventures build confidence and make you challenge yourself more each time.
Once life is looking clumsy , find an opportunity to go somewhere new where you can immerse yourself into nature . You may get renewed and energised after travelling through a place and looking up to the hills you have conquered .
Myth 2
Adventure is expensive A trip to the summit of Everest is about $ 30 , 000 ( N 10 , 785 ,000 ) and Kilimanjaro should be about $ 4000 ( N 1, 438 ,000 ) . But you can visit amazing spots in Nigeria for close to nothing .
Travelling with a group is always cheaper , thanks to discounts on transportation and hotel accommodation . Also , when work -related activities take you to new places , find time to explore what the state has to offer .
Myth 3
Adventure is childish Someone once said that paintballing as a group was childish. “How can we grown-up people be shooting ourselves with toy guns? No o !” People are now embracing adventure as a culture and are always eager for the next trip . When adulthood hits you like an aeroplane , find time to be that child again .
Myth 4
Adventure travel is dangerous and risky When you get to your destination, find a local who will take you around . Be polite and tip them . Adventure travel is only as extreme as you make it out to be . Adventure is also relative . You don’t have to try extreme stuff like jumping out of a jet, feeding sharks at River Mississippi or taunting angry bulls in Spain . That is not for everyone.
Myth 5
Adventure travel needs fitness. “I can ’t hike . My body size won’ t let me. Adventure is for athletic people .” As far as your doctor doesn ’t say certain adventure means risking your life , you don’t need to be too fit or athletic to give it a try. Your body size should even be more reason for you to go hiking.

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