FIFA 19 Up-dates First Time Finesse Shots and also the Elástico Move

Last week, PC players were able to benefit from Concept Update 5 on FIFA 19. This week the repair also arrived for unit players, and amongst other items it brings along becomes some first time finesse injections, as well as the Elástico skill transfer.

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FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT)
Addressed the following issues:
Seeing the Roles tab, from the Team Management screen, by using the Pause Menu in the FUT Offline Mode, for instance Squad Battles, will now demonstrate impact of Chemistry with a player's attributes.
Viewing the Roles tab, in the Staff Management screen, during the pre-match flow in all FUT modalities, will now properly display person attributes.
Sometimes players had the ability to add both a normal Gamer Item and a Concept Gamer Item for the same player to your Squad Building Challenge Group, which would lead to an error meaning.

Online Modes
Addressed the below issues:
The post-match progress meter in Pro Club sets was not always displaying some sort of players Overall Rating or maybe progression accurately.
This was a visible issue only as the correct Overall Rating was being utilized in gameplay and was shown correctly in the Pro Golf clubs HUB.

Visual / Display
Made the following changes:
Additional 5 new boots towards the list of available boots whenever customizing a player, such as within Pro Clubs or Gamer Career.
Updated the SECOND portraits for 26 gamers.
Removed the 2D pictures from 25 players.
Up-dates to a number of team packages, crests and banners.

Resolved the following issues:
Sometimes, gamer models were appearing without your knowledge after exiting a match up.
Sometimes, a white field would appear in the background after leaving a match.
The full staff names for some teams were being incorrect in some languages and get corrected.
The three character decrease for some teams was improper in some languages and has also been corrected.
Removed the hyphen from Zulte Waregem's staff name.

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