FACT CHECK: Kogi has conducted only one COVID-19 test - NCDC

Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has raised a fresh anxiety alarm over the purported Covid-19-free status of Kogi state.

In its situational report, the agency disclosed the state has done only one Covid-19 test.

The revelation came amid barefaced denials of the state government on coronavirus presence in Kogi.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control has raised a fresh alarm over the Covid-19 status of Kogi, with the agency disclosing that only one test was carried out in the northcentral state.

Kogi is the only state yet to officially record any case of coronavirus in the country after Cross Rivers.

Amid growing concern over the state government's utter denial of the presence of coronavirus, NCDC said Kogi only conducted just one Covid-19 test.

The disease control agency made the shocking disclosure in its situational report for Tuesday, May 18.

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