Fact check; is school resumption suspended indefinitely?

The last days of December 2020 saw the directives for schools resumption by the presidential task Force (PTF) for Covid 19. Schools resumption date, formally slated for January 18th has raised political concerns especially among the Federal ministry of education, National University commission (NUC), the Academic Staff Union of Universities as well as well-meaning Nigerian Students across the federation.

However, following the covid 19 recent surge in 2021, Projectclue.com has gathered that the Minister of Education, Mr Adamu Adamu in a statement has disclosed that  the resumption date earlier announced has been moved for a new date to be announced. In his words,

“It is not sacrosanct.  When we decided on the date, it was just a target towards what we were working on”

However, comments have been making waves over the social media alongside rumors that the federal Government has postponed schools resumption indefinitely. On those platforms have erupted sad expressions and showcase of all levels of dissatisfaction over the delay in schools resumption.

The trends on twitter allot t so much of the blames are on ASUU and the federal government for alleged lack of concern for the educational sector. Concerns have been raised over reason why worship centers, recreational centers, bars, event centers, markets are still in operation while school resumption has to linger at the mercy of ASUU and FG politics

Fact Check

Resumption has not been suspended indefinitely; the Federal Ministry of Education has not stated thus neither has the federal Government. Atleast, at the time of writing this article, nothing of that sought has been confirmed about school resumption.

Our stand


Projectclue and its associates understand the plight of every Nigerian student, particularly those in higher institutions who have been delayed for many reasons cycling around ASUU strike and covid19 surge since February 2020.

Over the saga on school resumption and the new surge of Covid 19, we still express concerns over the closure of schools while other institutions are well in operation. Covid is real no doubt and we advise strict adherence to preventive protocols.

The decision on school resumption should not be delayed. March 2020 till January 2021, that’s about 10 months now should have been enough to get schools and students ready for school resumption. But it’s quite unfortunate. While, the school resumption date linger, we advise students at home to adhere to further instructions or guidelines for school resumption when it is finally announced.    

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