Extra marital is a societal vice that has been existing since the days of the prophets. Blames are dropped at either side without objectively examinig what causes this unfaithfulness. Who should be blamed?

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Both should blamed.  The reason not withstanding, it cannot be justified.

    Mr Okere, a woman recently told a court that she was having extra marital affairs because her husband was not performing his 'duty' on bed. Another man in far away Singapore killed a young boy who met his wife on the internet and started dating her because the wife claimed he was not giving her and her children any attention at home anymore. Would you honestly blame this two women?  

I will blame the two women because what they did was not in any way solution to their problem. There was communication gap between them and their husbands.

Agreed. But we all know women are women because they use their heart and not head to think.

Not all women by dear.  It is only the foolish ones that allow their emotions to rule them.

Both shld be blame but to a larger extend Men shld carry d cross.

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