EXAMINATION FOR NIGERIAN LEADERS We, the youths are being made to lose hope in having an ordered and working system. We are denied the rights and respect we should be accorded to by our past and present leaders. We have been made to face harsh conditions in our own country; a country that was formerly our pride. A country we cherish, beloved and was ready to defend. Oh!! What is happening? A country nobody wanted to leave for another, now, so deserted by our youths because of the high handedness of our selfish leaders, that made our youths to believe that until you travel outside our borders, you can’t make it, leaders so disillusioned in their selfishness that they made their own children believe that our dear country, the pride of Africa is doomed, God forbid!!! They dignify any expatriates to demean their nationals. They observe International laws not minding whether it is against their citizens or not even when the originators are not observing such laws. Their actions and inactions vocally tell foreigners not to respect Nigerians. Wait ooh!!! Are they for us, really? Any decision taken by foreign governments against the Nigerian citizens is okay hence, the foreign governments keep protecting their investments and interests. They are not ashamed of messing up the natural endowments God has blessed us with; making nonsense of our being famously known as an oil producer, among the oil comity of nations. They made us laughing stock among the nationals of other countries; the few ruling class established corruption and equally spread it for their selfish god forbidden gains and made all of us suffer stigmatization of what they gained and still gaining from, hence, their names are missing in the conviction list. They lack the muscle to retaliate when needed against foreign governments’ decisions against our general good, even when they try to do so; it is usually on wording level, no concrete action in such direction. Are we really doomed as a country? The so called leaders tell us everyday not to be patriotic by their actions, panache, gestures, words and inactions (unknowingly) but only tell us to be patriotic intentionally knowing that we are not convinced. Questions- Our leaders, is our SYSTEM really working? If No, why, not RESIGN? If Yes, why have your medical examinations and treatments abroad? If yes, why using generators? If yes, why train your children abroad? If yes, why no regard for our public opinions? If yes, why such insecurity in the land? If yes, why the high rate of infant and maternal mortality? If yes, why high poverty level in the country? If yes, why allowing foreign companies come into Nigeria with majority of their workforce? If yes, why our economy not diversified? If yes, why the high rate of unemployment? If yes, why sacrificing merit over sectional sentiments? If yes, why the poor quality of education? If yes, why playing politics with religion? If yes, why no social security in Nigeria? If yes, why no maintenance culture? If yes, why the rate of tax evasion? If yes, why stash our money in foreign banks? If yes, why Nigerian citizens suspicious of their leaders? If yes, why sharing out our security personnel to the rich? If yes, why such insurmountable-like corruption? Odor Michael C. Leader Imo State Youth Movement for Good Governance (IMSYMOGG) 08093013267, 08036649656

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Well it is a pity that the hope of our youths are diminishing by the day.  But the youths too have part of the blame because some of them have been opportuned to occupy positions of responsibilities did not prove to be better than their fathers.


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