Employees’ grievances can affect their productivity; here are tips to resolve employee grievances.

I seized an opportunity to review a project topic in business administration that has considered employees grievances and their reactions towards productivity. The research, like some undergraduate project topics would propose, did a case study of a bottling company in Nigeria. From the outcome, it is obvious that a good percentage of poor productivity in organizations either big or small is due to sheer negligence to employees’ grievances.

Employees express dissatisfaction when the management policies are no longer favorable to them; not when their complaints are left unresolved and unattended.

Here are tips to resolve employee grievances 


Examine the causes of grievances                                  

As much as you need to respond to the grievances of your employees, you need to examine it so you don’t leave anyone behind. Secondly, you can’t decide first hand if the fault is from the employee or the management; it takes thoughtful analysis and examination to arrive at a meaningful resolution.

Take action

Your reaction to employee grievances may not be complete or may not be taken seriously if you refuse to take immediate action after considering the cases. Take necessary actions to resolve the situation and ensure that the parties involved receive fair treatment.

Establish personal relationship with employees

Sometimes, it’s necessary to write off the formal communication processes and have a heart to heart talk with employees from time to time. It could be at lunch, dinner or at their duty post; it makes them appreciate your concerns for them and can easily open up their grievances to you first hand without necessarily letting it escalate to the point of affecting their productivity.

Modify salary structure with pegs

Nothing inspires employees more, than when they are certain to go home with something refreshing by month end. When it comes to their grievances however, you may decide to take up some of their financial expenditure as pegs to their basic salary. It could be their kids’ tuition, health insurance, transportation or welfare. Infact, this is one of the feasible ways the management of  business can take action for their employees grievances.   

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