Easy ways to block hackers from hacking your Facebook

It's quite alarming how hackers operate in recent times with many socialites still counting their losses to the dubious activities of these fraudsters.

Information is the right access you need to secure your account from these cyber thieves.

Against this backdrop, I'll be sharing with us viable insights to protect yourself from falling into the web of hackers, especially on Facebook.

Here's what you need to do:

95% of hackers are very close or familiar with their victims either directly or indirectly.

By observation, I have come to realise that, hackers more often than not are good researchers who understudy their targets to enable them know the best strategy they can use to bamboozle the latter.

They go as far as sending you friend request to keep monitoring your timelines, and studying your personality before striking within a slightest opportunity.

It's advisable you don't receive friend request from suspicious strangers you're not sure of their identity. For instance, I've been rejecting friend requests from all illicit trade investment platforms (Binomo trade investment in particular) in the past two months and this has really been helpful to me.

Follow these easy steps to deny hackers access to your Facebook account:

1. Go to your Facebook account settings and click on it.

2. Scroll down to 'security and login' and click on it.

3. Scroll to use two factor authentication and click on it.

4. Fill in the information after selecting your security method (Click on SMS preferably).

5. Select your phone number or add a phone number if you wish to do so.

6. A code will be sent to your registered phone number.

7. Copy the code and continue the verification.

8. Save the code and never reveal it to anyone.

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