DSS Arrests Boko Haram Terrorists In Ekiti State

The Department of State Security, DSS, announced the arrest of fleeing Boko Haram terrorists with n AK-47 rifle in Ekiti State.

Speaking with newsmen, Tony Opuiyo, the DSS Spokesman said, over 20 Boko Haram members were arrested together with other hoodlums planning to wreck havoc, terror, kidnapping and robbery attacks on Abuja. GistBox gathered

DSS Spokesman said, “Our recent operations carried in different parts of the country have significantly degraded capabilities of terrorists, kidnappers and hoodlums who activities have been threatening the peace of the country”.

He said, “On March 20, 2017, a suspected Boko Haram kingpin by the name Adenoyi Abdulsalam, was arrested in Ado Ekiti in Ekiti State by DSS operation team and Joint military.

An AK-47 was recovered from the suspect and he is currently being investigated”

Opuiyo said, “Adenoyi Abdulsalam was about to kidnapped some high level target in Ekiti, not only to raise funds but also to terrorize the people in the state and before he was arrested lots of other Boko Haram members gave been arrested in various northern states in the country.


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