Drama as thief snatches 'bribery bag' from police

Drama ensued at a police checkpoint on Wednesday, February 19 after a man believed to be a thief snatched a bag containing all the bribes the officers had collected and vanished into the bushes.

The daredevil man reportedly emerged from the bushes, grabbed the officers’ heap of cash before disappearing up a steep slope adjacent to the road.

Nairobi News reported an eye witness as saying there were two officers of the opposite gender on the spot when the “robbery” happened in broad daylight.

“There are these steep roads that connect to the road, and the spot where the officers were based is shaped like a wedge. That is the road the young man used to escape. On realising he could not catch the young man, the officer shouted at him many times. But there is little he could do as the man vanished into the bushes,” the witness said.

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