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You've waited patiently, and now your patience shall be rewarded. Drake's sixth studio album (counting More Life) has officially arrived, and can now be streamed on Apple Music. Though the jury is still out on where this one might stand, the double album is sure to provide fans with ample material for analysis, a recap of everything Drizzy's been through over the past year. And let's not sugarcoat it. The year was indeed eventful for the Canadian legend.

Likening himself to Toronto Maple Leaf icon Tie Domi, Drake's rollout saw him backed against the wall by foes and haters alike, despite the universal acclaim of the philanthropic "God's Plan" video. In ways, Scorpion has been set up as Drake's biggest test thus far; the words "you are hiding a child" still echo as old wounds slowly heal. And while the air may be thick with fallout of beefs gone dark and images tarnished, Scorpion goes a long way in the name of reclamation. 


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