Does everyone have to be an entrepreneur? I just don’t think so.

From the way things are going, entrepreneurship seems like the only way forward coupled with this new orientation of remote working and financial independence; just a few cents consider working for someone or even manage a business for another. So here is my question; does everyone have to be an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurship has its fads of skills and so does business management.

Sincerely I was challenged to do a little study of business management skills and that of entrepreneurs and have come to realize that many businesses rise and fall because of poor management skills. Infact entrepreneurs, especially startups, have not learnt to separate themselves from the business and that’s the beginning of failure in business. Knowing that you cannot manage a business successfully, I advise we have business manager and entrepreneurs side by side for better business growth; and if you care so much to know about some business management skills, the following should be at your fingertips;

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Business managers command skillful experience in various business fields of endeavor; this is what they are trained to do. They understand the strategy that works and when. Some smart entrepreneurs who have groomed their business to an impressive level have gone back to school for an MBM or atleast a degree; the issue of separating self from business seems easy to understand but difficult to implement.


Business managers are strategic and skillful in their operations; there is no dull moment. From making decisions to planning and execution, business managers are vigilant enough to protect the business from damages and financial breakdown.

Continued education/training

Most times in business management, barging degree and master degree isn’t just enough to make you an expert in the field. It is necessary you undergo professional training, attend workshops from time to time, go for field trips, conferences and be open to new trends.

This is the actual reason a typical entrepreneur may likely not manage a business successfully; he can’t possibly divide himself to doing these things at a time. Infact an entrepreneur will rather find it useful to connect with his fellows in the same industry or one that complements it than connecting with business managers.

There is need for focus in business; this is to entrepreneurs and managers alike. Allow yourself to be grounded in one and trust me you will do well.

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