Nose piercing is a body piercing practice mostly associated with the Indian culture and fashion since classical times . It is found commonly in India , Pakistan , Bangladesh , Sri Lanka, Nepal , Philippines and throughout South Asia .
With the spread and exposure of Indian fashion and culture, nostril piercing has become more popular in recent times in the wider world including Africa , South America , United States of America , the Caribbeans and Europe .
The tradition of getting parents ’ approval or blessings before getting married makes the parents major decision makers for marriages. A typical Nigerian parent faces the dilemma of accepting a potential in-law with nose piercings , using the popular saying “ Dress how you want to be addressed ” as a reason .
An upset Twitter user came on the platform to share his friend’s experience with his Nigerian girlfriend who , despite all pleadings, refused to take off her nose- ring to meet with his parents for the first time.
This caused an uproar with lots of controversies on Twitter where young Nigerians shared their views on the subject matter . Lots of people shared the opinion that taking a lady home to meet the parents for the first time should be aimed at pleasing the parents and appearing right rather than being oneself .
This was due to the fact that a typical Nigerian parent only judges people based on the first appearance before listening to what a person has to say or before getting to know them . Others were of the opinion that showing your true personality is preferable when meeting the parents as it is only deceptive to try to appear to be someone else .
The question remains: what is your perception about ladies wearing nose rings and would you allow your child to marry someone who wears nose-rings?

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