Do it yourself, Earn up to 120k every single day.

Secrets On How i earn $688 per day.

This is absolutely free and very easy; all you need is Internet facility…. I have Been using this 
system for some time now and i can make up to $688 per day, I will be showing you how to make unlimited cash with your ADvcash account and a perfect money account.

I will try to make it as short as possible, but clear. Just like every other business, your interest and 
seriousness counts, start making your own earnings online its free just follow the procedure below.
Fund your Perfect money account with a Minimum of $60 or $100, because of the Transaction 
charges and you interest rate.

*To create Perfect money Account its free go to 

*To create ADvcash Account its free go to

To fund or Withdraw money from your Perfect money account go to, or or any reliable one close to you.

PM Means Perfect Money account and ADV Means Advcash account.

when you open your perfect 
money account by the right hand side, you will see three accounts numbers, the one that begins with U is what you need for PM USD example( U1234567).

In your Advcash account, you should also use the account number that begins with U,

Example, (U 1234 3678 9012).

Both are the dollar account.

This is How to make money from the currency exchanger.

In this example I will use 50$ as a case study.

(1). To earn from currency exchange. 

Go to and exchange $50 from your Perfect money account to your Advcash account. Note that on this website.

$1 PM->$1.28 Advcash, so $50 PM-> $64 Advcash. Once the money arrive in your account.


(2) go to or and exchange back to PM $64. Advcash to----->$63. 5 PM ,

Congratulation, you have earned 13.5 USD in your PM account for this procedure.

Your initial capital 50

After one cycle 64

63.5- 50 = 13.50 it will take you about 15 minutes to complete one cycle.

(2). Repeat the exchange process from PM---->Advcash, and Advcash--->PM continuously, because the more you exchange, and what your earning grow within 24 hours.

The higher the capital, the Higher the profit.

You can always increase your capital, because the more money you exchange the Faster you make your earning. 

How to cashout?

Simple, go to any e-curency exchanger or simply the one you bought from and sell to them,

you will be amazed how quickly your money will arrive in your account in few hours.

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