Discover 4 Smart Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

Are you an entrepreneur or investor searching where to invest your hard earn money with good returns?

If it is investment opportunities in Nigeria you are looking for, then below some smart investment opportunities in Nigeria that you can leverage on.

Livestock Farming

This is one of the fastest growing business opportunities in Nigeria especially with the federal government’s ban on the importation of live or frozen poultry beds. It’s generally a booming business in Nigeria and with the 170+ millions mouths to feed, there will always be demand for livestock. The major challenges of this venture are lack of technical know-how and use of crude equipment, which hampers the industry’s growth, however if you have the adequate knowledge and patience to nurture this venture, you will reap immensely.Sewing Specialized Uniforms

There are over 500 schools (crèche, primary and secondary) in Lagos alone and that number is still on the increase. These schools need uniforms and you can be the one to provide that. Aside educational institutions, individuals and corporate institutions also need uniforms for security personnel and staff, even military, paramilitary and non-paramilitary organizations need uniforms. You can position yourself to supply these uniforms and make good money from it.

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