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Download Diggy Simmons Ft  Leven Kali - Text Me | Free Mp3

Diggy Simmons Drops Off New Slow Jam "Text Me" Featuring Leven Kali

With the  sharing songs like "It Is What It Is” & “Anochors.” and a new project in the works, Diggy Simmons has made quite the resurgence on the music this Summer, the son of Reverend Run decides to come through today and share another single called “Text Me” featuring Leven Kali.

I haven’t released a music project in 6 years. All due to overthinking my ideas, my OCD, being too invested in the unknown and the fear of an uncertain outcome,” Diggy said about his absence. “For years, I let my irrationalities and the negative perceptions of others overcome what I perceived of myself. Wanting control over everything that happens in ones life and picking apart everything about yourself can greatly cripple growth. Life is imperfect and imperfection is what creates greatness. Although this is still a learning process (a strenuous one, that is definitely not linear), I am accepting that it’s cool if I f*** up and not everything has to be perfect. It is what it is!!!”

Download Diggy Simmons Ft  Leven Kali - Text Me | Free Mp3

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