Different ways students respond to examination notice

No matter how much you love being tried, you will certainly find yourself panic at the peak of the time even when you’ve approved of it; same way, some others hesitate to lend their ears to the sound of E-X-A-Ms and will gladly sign for a ward in a clinic than sitting for one. In the academic setting, this is often the situation but in this case many other different reactions to examination and general test-of-knowledge exist. We will cease few lines to look at how students perceive examination and how they respond to examination notices.

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How students perceive examination       

Let’s say they are grouped (A - C)

Group A : These set of students perceive examination as what really makes them student’s and will question your intellectual capabilities if you don’t reason the same way. Seemingly, they would see examination as the best test of knowledge.

Group B : Examination for this group of students is not priority in the list of knowledge testing, however, they welcome the idea of examination with warm embrace and ofcourse prepare themselves for what they would have preferred as the true test of knowledge.

Group C : For this group, the word ‘examination’ shouldn’t have existed at first because it doesn’t seem to make sense anymore. They think examination should be as simple as testing them on what they know to do best not just on anything else they never care about, not even the courses they registered to study for the semester.

How students respond to examination notice

Group A : Although they will express worry over the nature of the examination questions, they are compelled to study deeply atleast to beat the panic and gain confidence.

Group B : They know they are not the ‘A’ students; that doesn’t mean they won’t welcome it if it comes by chance. So they study just to pass the course and can subscribe to misconduct to clear their path.

Group C : They are often overwhelmed with anxiety and wish the exams could be shifted till forever. This anxiety is often treated with negligence and procrastination till there is no more time. The last resort could just be malpractices.

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