" Die by fire, die by fire, if we all die by fire who will preach God's word? Nigerian man speaks out

   By  Eric Patrick,

Now in africa mostly in Nigeria, pastors don't longer preach the coming of jesus christ. 6-7 years ago men of God or preachers of the word of God preaches about, faith, love, rapture and repentance but now 99 churches don't even preach about love; all they will teach you is giving.

the best prayer point in our churches today is "DIE BY FIRE" let my enemies die but don't forget that God never ask us to pray for our enemies to die, a pastor will tell you the cause of your problem is from your family or your mother at home is the one bringing you setback but they will never tell you that God has a plan for you or ask you if you have given your life to christ.

where is love? nobody talk about love and what we the gentiles want to hear is deciveful words like, you will be prosper, favour, blessing and fame, but in the time of Jesus he teaches mostly about LOVE.

preachers goes about with jets drives the most expensive cars, in the name of envangelism, wear suit of 1 million but their members are dying. a catholic priest once told us on sunday that, if you know that you will be giving N10 or N20  as offering better don't come out, it means you have to give God from N50 but they never consider that most people don't even have money to go back home or eat for that day.

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Jesus went about doing good, he walked from one country to another without transportation, he never asked for TITHES he never ask offerings or special thanks giving.

Jesus says give out to the poor, those who can't afford, those in the hospital; he says go and give to the needy. he never says give to those who already had. Read more


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