Descasio Limited to Deploy IBM Watson Workspace Across West Africa

Multinational technology company, IBM has confirmed its partnership with Descasio Limited to launch IBM Watson Workspace as a service to its clients and organizations across West Africa, that will supercharge their productivity and help their personnel work smarter.

IBM Watson Workspace is a messaging app with the built-in power of Watson - it's designed to help you and your teams do your best work. With Watson Workspace, you can connect and collaborate with your teams, squads, and other work groups from anywhere, on any device. It has full, searchable history of all conversations and one central place for all shared images and resources. You can connect third-party apps to work more seamlessly with your everyday tools and when conversations move fast, cognitive technology summarizes conversations,
prioritizes what's important to you and connects actionable language to next steps so you can get more

done. IBM Watson Workspace will allow organizations to share instant message, share content, track progress and exchange ideas in video and audio meetings.

Source: Descasio partners with IBM

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